A Small Town in the Atlantic Rainforest

In the state of Paraná in southern Brazil, nestled in the Atlantic Rainforest, is a small colonial town called Morretes.  Founded in 1733, it retains the typical architecture and brightly coloured buildings of historic Brazil. The town is surrounded by lush green hills of rainforest and to reach it I had to take a historic train ride through the rainforest from Curitiba.
The views on the way to Morretes were beautiful and arriving at the train station was quite surreal because the town was so deep in the heart of the rainforest.  After viewing vistas of rainforest that seemed completely untouched by human civilisation for miles into the distance, suddenly pulling into a train station was surprising.
On the way out of the station some local old women were selling sugar-coated banana chips.  Banana liquor is also a specialty of Morretes.  I ate a traditional Brazilian meal in a restaurant close to the station and then ventured into the centre. The town is so pretty with the river running through the centre, bridges, and cobbled streets.  It is a tourist attraction so there are lots of shops and stalls selling locally made products.
I was really struck by the beauty of Morretes.  I found the views of the green hills of rainforest on every side amazing. It was also a beautiful, sunny day so I got to see Morretes at its best.  After seeing the river area, I visited the church in the centre, Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Porto.  The church offers a great view of the town and the rainforest beyond.  Apparently ‘morretes’ means small hills, and is named in reference to the hills surrounding the town.
Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Porto
Morretes is a beautiful little town in the Atlantic Rainforest and I really enjoyed the opportunity of taking a train through the rainforest to get there. On the way back, I took the coach which took me back along the main roads to Curitiba.  A faster mode of travel, but not nearly as beautiful or interesting.  Visiting Morretes was a fun experience and it was great to see a different part of Brazil and experience life in rural Paraná.
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