Refresh Ripped Jeans

So I bought a pair of pre-ripped jeans a few years ago.  I wasn’t actually sure if I liked them or not but I decided to go for it and take the risk.  To be honest, they have been a bit of a pain ever since.  The rips are in awkward places and had threads across them which would always snag on things.  Eventually, I stopped wearing the jeans so much, especially when all the threads over one hole ripped open completely and it just looked bad!

I had wondered for a while about putting some fabric underneath the huge hole to make the jeans wearable again and the other day I finally did it! It was really quick and easy and the result looks amazing.  Here is a tutorial so you can refresh ripped jeans too.

How to add fabric to ripped jeans

Materials needed:

Spare piece of fabric
Ripped jeans
Sewing machine
Thread (blue/brown/grey; a colour that will blend into the jeans)
Tailor’s chalk

1. Turn your jeans inside out and cut away any hanging threads around the hole.


2. Choose your fabric! You can hold up different fabrics to the jeans to see what looks good.  You will only need a small amount of fabric.

3. Using tailor’s chalk draw the shape of the hole onto your fabric, making it an extra 1/4 of an inch bigger so you have plenty of space to sew.

4. Pin the fabric onto the wrong side of the jeans.  Make sure the right side of the fabric is facing down.

5. This is the tricky bit.  Start sewing the fabric onto the jeans.  It is a bit difficult to get the jeans around the foot so be careful as you sew that you don’t have extra bits of the material bunched up underneath.  Keep checking that the fabric is flat and you are only sewing through the jeans and the fabric.  It may not seem very neat but that’s not a problem, it will all be practically invisible on the other side!

6.  Once you have sewn around the hole make sure to tie the ends off and cut the thread.

This is what it will look like on the wrong side.

Now you can turn your jeans back to the right side and it will look something like this!  I think it looks so cute and is such a refreshing change.  I did both holes in my jeans but left one with the threads mostly still across it. I love these!

They look so much better than before.  I’m so pleased with how they turned out and this is such a cheap project! I only used a scrap of fabric and some old thread on mine so it was basically free.  A whole new pair of jeans to add to my wardrobe, for free!

If you try this tutorial I would love to see your results in the comments below so do leave a picture!

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