My 2020 on Instagram

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2020 was an interesting year! I actually didn’t write any blog posts in 2020 so before I move forward into 2021 I thought I would look back at 2020 through the lens of my Instagram.

I started my Instagram in February 2020.  It’s mainly a place for me to share my crochet patterns and nature photography.  I am all about pretty pictures! I also share other interests like books and crafts.  There are too many pictures from last year to share them all here so I will just share some highlights.

Winter 2020

My first post was to share my newest pattern at the time, the Tweed Effect Ear Warmer (catchy name, I know).

I also shared a frosty nature picture.  Finally, I released another pattern, the Flame Ear Warmer! I’m pretty proud of this pattern, I think the colourwork is really pretty.

Spring 2020

In the Spring, I shared some flower pictures and another image of the Flame Ear Warmer.

Summer 2020

So it seems I posted a lot in the summer! I posted lots of flower pictures. I’m particularly proud of this photograph of bluebells I shot. They are so pretty!

In July, I had one of my patterns published in a crochet magazine for the first time! My Geometric Headband pattern was featured in Happily Hooked Magazine. You can find the free pattern for the Geometric Headband here on my blog!

I also released another new pattern in the summer, the Door Bell Ornament! It’s a little door decor pattern. I was inspired by old-fashioned door bells.  The tassel is like the clapper on a bell.

Autumn 2020

In the Autumn I released another ear warmer pattern, the Forest Ear Warmer. It’s inspired by trees and the colours of leaves. I also shared some other autumnal nature pictures.

Finally, in December I was featured in Happily Hooked Magazine again!  This time for my Snow Angel Ornament pattern. This is the first crochet pattern I ever designed!

I guess I’ll leave my Instagram roundup there! This post is more about crochet patterns than I expected. I’m surprised at how many patterns I released last year!

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