How to use Idea Pins for your Business

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I posted this blog post yesterday as a way to use Story Pins for your business. Well, today Pinterest changed the name to Idea Pins and rolled it out for everyone! So this is my updated blog post. There are lots of new features on Idea Pins that I haven’t tried yet so I may do a Part 2 sometime. In this blog post I will tell you my experience of using Idea Pins for my business so far and why there are benefits to using them.

What are Idea Pins?

Firstly, what are Idea Pins? They are pins that can contain multiple slides, up to 20 slides. They can be video or images or a combination of both. These are similar to Instagram stories but they have a much larger reach and longer life span! Unlike Instagram stories which only last for 24 hours, Idea Pins will last as long as you wish! As long as you have a Pinterest account your Idea Pin will be active, just like a regular Pin. An Idea Pin, just like a regular pin, can be saved to other boards anytime you want.

Why use them for my business?

Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog or e-commerce store so if you’re not using it already you should consider it! However, for those who are using Pinterest regularly for their business, how do Idea Pins benefit you?

One word: engagement. Idea Pins do not include a link like a regular Pin so the person watching your Idea Pin will stay on Pinterest. However, there is a slide at the end of an Idea Pin with directions to your Pinterest profile. From there they have access to all your other Pins and access to your website if you have a link in your profile.

They have the option to follow you to see more content from you. They have the option to save your Idea Pin to one of their boards. And they may visit your website or look at some of your other pins. That’s eyes on your content.

Even if they don’t click through to your profile, watching and saving the Idea Pin counts as engagement on Pinterest. Alongside that you have delivered content to someone that they have enjoyed! That’s a good feeling!

How to use them?

Idea Pins have so much potential. I’ve only just started experimenting with them myself. You could use them to repurpose content from other places like your Blog or Instagram. You could create fresh content exclusive to Pinterest. You could use it as a promotion reel for a new product you are selling alongside your regular pins. The possibilities are endless.

Also, one little tip from me – even though you can’t add a link to an Idea Pin you can add Notes. In my Notes on my Idea Pin I added the full link to my Refresh Ripped Jeans blog post. Just incase anyone wanted to copy and paste it into their browser. You never know right? Leave no stone unturned!

My experience

So I have just started using Idea Pins but I’m already writing a blog post about it, I guess I must love them! I just think there is so much potential and I want to encourage you to try using them too.

The first Idea Pin I put up was a DIY Sewing Photo Tutorial, ‘Add fabric to ripped jeans’. I already had all the information and pictures in the blog post Refresh Ripped Jeans. I thought it would be good to summarise the blog post into a photo story on Pinterest. I posted the Idea Pin as an experiment, just to see what would happen. Here it is below:

I was blown away by the response to the Idea Pin. I know the numbers might be small compared to other businesses but for my Pinterest it was pretty crazy. The number of impressions shot up quickly and after 5 days I had 12,000 impressions for one Idea Pin! At this point the numbers seem to have stopped going up.

On top of that, about 400 people watched my Idea Pin and 80 people saved it to their boards. I also gained some new followers and I think I had some engagement with other pins too. I think this engagement helped the Idea Pin’s impressions keep climbing.

Funnily enough, my second Idea Pin has had hardly any impressions. My second Idea Pin is a promo reel for a crochet pattern that has recently become free on my blog, the Flame Ear Warmer. Here it is below.

For total transparency, ‘hardly any impressions’ = less than 100! What a stark difference! I don’t know why. I’m still experimenting with Idea Pins. Is it the content? The length? The different niche? I don’t know. Let me know in the comments what your experiences are.

In Summary

I think Idea Pins have loads of potential and they are definitely worth giving a try. I think they could benefit people with businesses, especially in the craft niche. There are so many ways you could use them and hopefully they drive engagement to your profile and other pins even if they don’t directly link traffic to your blog or e-commerce store. They are definitely worth adding to your Pinterest usage.


To end, since I am talking about Pinterest in this blog post I will leave a link for Tailwind. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins. It’s a really useful resource for using Pinterest. If you sign up with my link you get a free month of Tailwind and I get credit towards my own subscription and an Amazon gift card so it is a win-win. Click here to use my Tailwind link. Thanks!


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