How to Make Money with Crochet

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This blog post is a masterpost of lots of ways you can make money with crochet! I will outline lots of ideas and summarise them and hopefully in the future I can expand and go into more detail in other blog posts. I hope you find this list helpful and it inspires you to make money with crochet!

Sell crochet patterns

One of the best ways to make money with crochet is to design and sell your own patterns. It takes some time to learn how to write a good pattern and I will do a blog post soon on how to write a crochet pattern and what to include in it.

If you can design a crochet item and write down the pattern then you can sell it to other crocheters who want to make it! The great thing about selling patterns is that it’s a passive income stream. Once you do the work once to create your pattern it can sell many times without you doing anything more.

There are many platforms like LoveCrafts, Etsy, Ravelry and Makerist that host your pattern pdfs for you. In this way you reach a wider audience of buyers who are specifically looking for crochet patterns. You can also set up your own store on a website or blog to sell your patterns to your audience.

Start a crochet blog

Similar to selling your patterns, you can also share them for free on a blog. If your blog is monetized with adverts, affiliate links and sponsored posts you can still earn money from your patterns. It’s just a different way from selling your patterns as a product.

Some designers use a combination of selling patterns and sharing some free on a blog. Others might only sell patterns but use their blog to share other aspects of crochet like stitch tutorials with links to their patterns. There are so many different ways you can use a crochet blog to gain income.

Sell crocheted items online and at craft fairs

One way to make money crocheting is to crochet items to sell! They could be small like hats or large like a beautiful heirloom blanket. If you want to make money this way you have to consider the cost of your materials and the cost of your labour. If you are happy with those two things then go ahead and sell! You could make items to sell online for example on Etsy, or at craft fairs in your area. You can also have things made ready to sell or sell to order.

It can be hard to know what to price your items at but if you can find a good balance between what you are willing to be paid and what people are willing to pay you should be fine!

Get patterns published in crochet magazines

Crochet magazines are looking for patterns! And they will pay you for your designs! This is freelance crochet work. It isn’t a guaranteed income. It depends on whether your pattern is chosen. However, it’s a great way to make money from your designs.

Crochet magazines put out Submission Calls regularly. If you know of a magazine, find their submission information on their website and go from there. They often have a designer email list you can sign up for so you will see all of their Submission Calls in the future. Magazines are usually planning a year or more ahead so it could be the Summer but you will be submitting a design for the Autumn of the next year!

Being published in a crochet magazine is a great learning experience and a confidence boost too! I will probably do a longer blog post on this in the future.

Teach crochet in person

You know how to crochet? Teach it! Crochet seem to be more and more popular lately. People want to learn to crochet and you have the skill. You could do one-on-one classes or even get a group together to teach a class to a small group. If you look online you will also find courses for learning how to teach crochet and brush up your skills. Some are accredited and you can become an accredited teacher with a Crochet Guild. Look up what’s available in your area.

Publish a book

There are a couple of options here. You could have a book published with a publishing company. Obviously, this is quite niche and it will take a lot of work. However, there are authors and designers out there who sell physical books. This could be a collection of their patterns or a ‘how to’ crochet book or a whole myriad of other crochet-related topics. If this is something you are interested in, look into it further.

There is also the self-publishing route, particularly ebooks. Amazon has an option where you can self-publish an ebook that also has a print on demand service. A lot of designers self-publish ebooks. They could be a collection of their previously published patterns or a whole new pattern collection around a particular theme.

You don’t have to be a designer for this either. Maybe you have another fabulous crochet related idea that would make a good ebook. If so, go for it!

Become a tech editor

This is great for people who have an eye for detail. Crochet designers need tech editors! Tech editors are to the crochet world what proofreaders and copy editors are to the writing world. They will look over patterns and find mistakes, improve formatting, and so much more!

There are lots of courses you can take to help you become qualified to do tech editing. Once you know what you are doing all you have to do is get started. Start your business and find clients who want you to tech edit their patterns.

If you’re a designer and you want a pattern to be tech edited for free then the best way to do this is to submit your pattern to magazines! If you get accepted, most magazines will tech edit your pattern and probably get it tested for you too before it is published in their magazine. When you get the rights back for your pattern and can self-publish it elsewhere you will know the work of tech editing and testing has already been done for you. This is great because it means you know you are putting out a quality pattern.

Become a costume designer or prop maker in the film and TV industry

I don’t know quite how you crack into this business but I do know that there are crocheters out there who design and make props and costumes for films and TV series. For example, the recent Little Women (2019) film featured some beautiful knitted shawls and the designer put the pattern of a couple of the shawls she designed on Ravelry after the film came out. Also, if you have ever watched the Outlander series you can’t help but notice all the gorgeous crocheted and knitted shawls. You would have to look into it more as I don’t know a lot about it but someone is making these props and costumes! Maybe it could be you.

Make props for photographers

Again, I don’t know exactly how you do this as I haven’t tried it. I assume you could contact local photographers in your area and find out if they are interested in you crocheting items for them to use in their photo shoots. This could be garments for models or even cute, newborn baby photo shoot props like little hats. If you pitch it right, you could have a good working relationship with a photographer where you provide crocheted items, maybe even your own designs!

Become a crochet youtuber

This is similar to starting a crochet blog. You are putting out free content but you can monetize your Youtube channel with Adsense. You can also add affiliate links to your video descriptions and have sponsors for your videos.

Not everyone wants to work from written patterns. For some people, video is the best way to learn to crochet something! You could put out video tutorials of your own patterns. However, you don’t have to design patterns to be a crochet youtuber. You could review yarns on your channel or put out crochet tips or stitch tutorials. You could even make relaxing crochet ASMR videos! There are so many creative options for video content.

Become a paid tester for a crochet designer

Crochet designers who self-publish patterns are always looking for testers. This means that you test a pattern of theirs before they publish it. You are not a tech editor but you may notice inconsistencies. You test the pattern and see if it makes sense. Plus, you make the garment or item, often in different sizes and this helps the designer know if the pattern is accurate and easy to read.

Anyone who can crochet and read a pattern can test a pattern. Not all designers are looking for paid testers. Some want testers for free but you won’t walk away empty handed. They might provide you with that pattern for free, or another pattern of theirs as payment. They might even provide the yarn for you to test.

If you are a reliable tester you might be able to find a designer who is willing to pay you to test their patterns. You could also advertise your services as a tester on sites like Fiverr.

Make samples for crochet designers

This goes hand in hand with the idea above. Instead of testing the pattern, you could be the person who makes up the final item or garment for the designer. This will usually be a paid job and it should be paid! You are making the item in place of the designer for them to photograph and usually to keep. You could also be creating the item that gets sent to a magazine for photography. This work is crocheted by you but it is the designer’s pattern and the designer will be credited for the item. As a sample crocheter, you will usually not be credited. You are the hands of the designer to make the item! So you should definitely be compensated for your work. If you want to get paid to crochet, this is a great way to do it.

Write articles for crochet magazines and websites

If you’re passionate about crochet you could write about it! Crochet magazines and websites don’t just need patterns, they need written articles too. There are so many topics related to crochet that you could write about. Think of what interests you about crochet and submit an article about it!

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Let me know in the comments more ideas for making money from crochet that I have missed! I would love to hear them.

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