Brumal Hat

This year I collaborated with the yarn company ULA+LIA to make a crocheted hat design with their Mongolian Yak Wool! The wool I chose is in a natural, undyed colour called Milk Chocolate in 100% Baby Yak Wool (DK).

ULA+LIA are a company that ethically and sustainably work with nomadic herders in Mongolia to source Baby Yak Wool, Baby Camel Wool, Cashmere, and Sheep Wool. It’s an amazing company and definitely worth checking out.

The yarn was great to work with and I used it to make this classic hat design which will look good in any colour. This unisex hat was inspired by the scenery and landscape of Mongolia. The crown of the hat is subtly octagonal, it’s shape reminiscent of yurts. This hat is made in a classic shape and style which will look good in any colour. The name ‘Brumal’ means wintry and this hat is bound to keep you warm through the winter.

The hat is available to make in a size that fits both an adult man and an adult woman. You can find it for sale on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

Get the printable pdf on Ravelry.

Get the printable pdf on LoveCrafts.

This hat is a perfect Christmas gift for someone you love and ULA+LIA’s range of yarns are really lovely and would make a great hat with this pattern.

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