How to use Idea Pins for your Business – Part 2

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Hello! You may have read my first blog post about Idea Pins here on the blog. If not, click here. I wrote my last post in May last year so a whole 10 months ago! I think it’s time for an update on how my Idea Pins are doing and if I still think they’re useful for my business, and yours!

One thing I haven’t tried yet is the in-app phone features with Idea Pins so I haven’t even tried everything that Idea Pins have to offer yet! This blog post is about how my Idea Pins are doing. I make my Idea Pins on Pinterest or in Canva which has Idea Pin templates which are worth checking out for a quick way to make high quality pins.

How are my Idea Pins doing?

You are in such suspense… and the answer is… good! Really good! Some are doing really good. Some could be doing better. I could definitely be using the feature more and should be.

Let’s revisit my first ever Idea Pin, the one that did so well that I wrote a whole excited post about Idea Pins to encourage other people to try them out too. It’s doing really well! I think when a pin is popular it just starts to snowball. Every save means more people see it and then some of them save it too. It’s pretty amazing how a pin can snowball once it’s doing well.

Here it is! My first ever Idea Pin. I repurposed content from my blog post Refresh Ripped Jeans which I first posted back in 2018. This kind of content is evergreen (this means it’s not seasonal, like a Christmas post, it’s always relatable to people) and I think there is a trend of visible mending recently which has contributed to it’s success. There are some really cool pins and ideas about visible mending and doing DIY on clothes to make them look cooler and more unique.

This Idea Pin is my top pin ever. It has had over 44,000 impressions! Over 1,000 people have clicked on it and it has been saved over 200 times! It’s crazy! I’m amazed that my little idea has inspired that many people and they’ve liked it so much! Also my Pinterest analytics show that nearly 300 people visited my profile after watching the Idea Pin and it attributes 14 new followers to this pin. That sounds good to me!

In my original post I wrote that engagement was a key reason to use Idea Pins. Above is an example of the kind of engagement I got from one Idea Pin. The fact that so many people saved it makes me so happy! I’m glad people liked my idea that much.

However, there is no way to add a link on Idea Pins. I’m really glad my pin did so well but none of that traffic went to my original blog post! However, if you’re making a lot of Idea Pins and getting engagement some of that is going to overflow to your other pins and maybe even your blog or wherever you want your traffic to go.

My second most popular Idea Pin is:

I published this one in June last year and it is another example of repurposing content from a blog post, in this case my post How to Make Money With Crochet. I made this pin with Canva. I’ve had over 18,000 impressions and over 400 views of this Idea Pin. I’ve also had 77 saves! My Pinterest analytics tell me that 266 people visited my profile after watching the pin(!) and I gained 11 new followers from it. These numbers are actually similar to the ripped jeans pin numbers.

I mainly blog and pin about crochet on my Pinterest profile so perhaps more people were encouraged to visit my profile and follow me because the Idea Pin was in the same niche as my profile. At the end of an Idea Pin your profile is shown with your profile picture, title, and profile bio. If you use a description in your title and bio that relates to your niche people will be more encouraged to click and find out more about you. I’m really pleased this pin is doing well too.

In Summary

I have published 16 Idea Pins so far. They have been in a few different categories: Crochet Video Tutorials, Crochet Pattern Promos, ‘How to’ lists, and Picture Tutorials like the ripped jeans pin above. The worst performing pins are the Pattern Promos. They might still be worth putting up or they might work better for you than for me. However, I think I’m learning that the Idea Pins that do best are the ones that give value to people, right there and then. Idea Pins are in the moment, ‘get the answer right now’ pins and the information is delivered really quickly and really easily saved to people’s boards to look at again later. I don’t know why some are doing better than others – if it’s the Pinterest algorithim or just people’s interest.

I think Idea Pins are worth experimenting with and using for your business and there is lots of potential there to try different ideas. Also remember that Idea Pins are at the top of your Pinterest profile. This means they are the first thing people see when they click on your profile. Why not have clickable, engaging content ready and waiting for your audience? I hope you’re inspired and consider giving Idea Pins a whirl yourself. Let me know in the comments if something worked well for you!


To end, since I am talking about Pinterest in this blog post I will leave a link for Tailwind. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins. It’s a really useful resource for using Pinterest. If you sign up with my link you get a free month of Tailwind and I get credit towards my own subscription and an Amazon gift card so it is a win-win. Click here to use my Tailwind link. Thanks!


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