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Indie Gift-A-Long 2022 on Ravelry

I’m going to be taking part in the Indie Gift-A-Long 2022 on Ravelry this year! This is a great way to get some of my patterns for a 25% off discount!

Brumal Hat

This year I collaborated with the yarn company ULA+LIA to make a crocheted hat design with their Mongolian Baby Yak Wool! This unisex hat is made in a classic shape and style which will look good in any colour.

Log Cabin Square

This is a cute little pattern for a basic Log Cabin square. Log Cabin squares have a long tradition in quilting, knitting, and crochet. They make really cute and colourful blankets. This pattern is really easy to make and a great way to destash your yarn too!

Anne of Green Gables

When I was a child, I read Anne of Green Gables and I remember enjoying it.  I think I was probably sat down in front of the 1980s mini-series when I was at my Grandma’s house too.  I have some vague memories of watching the story unfold on screen. However, as a teenager and then an adult, I never picked up the books to read again until a couple of years ago.