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Simple Chunky Crocheted Scarf

I recently finished making this chunky scarf.  I think it will be perfect for Autumn which is just around the corner!

Refresh Ripped Jeans

So I bought a pair of pre-ripped jeans a few years ago. I had wondered for a while about putting some fabric underneath the holes and the other day I finally did it! It was really quick and easy and the result looks amazing.  Here is a tutorial so you can refresh ripped jeans too.

Winter Ravelry Roundup

As Spring approaches and the last icy fingers of winter begin to melt away I thought I would do a roundup of my knitting and crochet over the season.  Winter is the perfect season for yarn craft.  You can make clothes and accessories to keep yourself warm, snuggling up with a cup of tea and your project basket by the fire.  Perfection! As a user of Ravelry I thought I would share my projects, my designs, and my favourite patterns and yarns from this winter.