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Category: Life

My 2020 on Instagram

2020 was an interesting year! I actually didn’t write any blog posts in 2020 so before I move forward into 2021 I thought I would look back at 2020 through the lens of my Instagram.

A Small Town in the Atlantic Rainforest

In the state of Paraná in southern Brazil, nestled in the Atlantic Rainforest, is a small colonial town called Morretes.  Founded in 1733, it retains the typical architecture and brightly coloured buildings of historic Brazil. The town is surrounded by lush green hills of rainforest and to reach it I had to take a historic train ride through the rainforest from Curitiba.

Damson Jam

So a few weeks ago I noticed a small tree in the garden was starting to bear fruit.  I had no idea what kind of tree it was and if the fruit was edible so I waited and watched the fruit ripen.